Attention tips for the Surface Treatment in Prototype Making
In prototype making and OEM manufacturing, many customers have technical requirements for the surface treatment. Polish / Lengthwise Burnish / Painting / Plating / Anodizing are 5 major surface treatment way we often used. Of course we make the product based on the drawing provided by client, but there are still some key points we need to be cautious. I summarize the tips as below:  www.2fprototypes.com 

(1) Polish ------ The sand paper can be used for polishing. According to the chinese standard, there are different grit grades from 200# to 8000#. The higher grit grade is, better fineness we get. Generally speaking no matter what product we produce even no polishing indication in the drawing, it must be polished. Sometimes customer also require waxing the surface after polishing. This could make it smooth and shiny. 

(2) Lengthwise Burnish ------ It is similar to polishing but not exactly the same. The surface will show many tiny and beautiful crossing lines after lengthwise burnishing. 

(3) Painting ------ Spraying Painting is often used here. The key point is the color. The color number is required necessarily.  

(4) Plating ------ If the material is carbon steel and product application environment is wet, customer will require plating on the item surface. Chrome or Nickel plating is often used. But there is an important tip we need to attention : The thickness of plating. Because it determines the plating cost and anti-rusting performance for product. So when there is no indication for the thickness of plating on drawings, we need to check it with customer.  

(5) Anodizing ------ Anodizing is often used on Aluminum or Magnesium materials. Remember we must take the sand blasting first then proceed the anodizing. The color number is also necessarily needed here. 

All in all we must fully understand the chemical and physical nature of materials as well as the technical requirement from customers then recommend the most suitable surface treatment method. 

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