The key factors determining the lifespan of plastic injection mould
There are many factors determining the lifespan of plastic injection mould. We summarize 5 tips here. www.2fprototypes.com 

(1) Structure Design ------ The excellent mould infrastructure design can effectively reinforce the load-carring capacity and evade the mould cracking from the stress concentration points. The good design is the first and basic condition to determine the durability of plastic injection mould. 

(2) Mould Materials ------ If we don't consider other factors which enfluence the mould quality, Materials is the most important. Different mould materials determine different lifespan grade. P20 for 300000 times. 1.2738 or 45# for 500000 times. 1.2433 or H13 for 1000000 times. Generally speaking P20 and 45# are mostly used in reality unless the customers have special requirement for the mould lifetime. 

(3) Mould Part Processing ------ Precisely manufacturing each component of mould and precisely assembly. All of these are the necessary conditions for determining the mould lifespan. We particularly need to pay attention to the CNC maching / EDM / Heat retreatment during the mould manufacturing procedure. 

(4) Operational Status ------ How you use the mould also effect the lifespan. Strictly obey the operational process and attention the repairing & maintaining, which can effectively promote the lifespan of mould. For example lubricate the mould after using it for some time. 

(5) Machine Performance ------ The plastic injection mould is fixed up into the plastic injection machine. So the equipment performance also effect the mould lifespan. 

Mould is the mother of modern industry. Nowadays the plastic injection moulds  are widely used in every corner of all industrial sectors. It is an efficient and economic way to massively produce the customized products.  The good plastic injection mould can guarantee the good quality of final products.

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