What technical performance is the most important for 3D Printer
When you choose the 3D Printer, what technical performance you mostly care about. Today we will briefly talk about the main technical ability of 3D Printer. www.2fprototypes.com

Generally speaking the 3D Printers in open market are divided into 2 types:  Consumeric type and Industrial type. The consumeric type of 3D Printers are usual small and generally use the plastic materials. It is mainly used for making toys, daily products, house items and so on. The Industrial type of 3D Printers are usual big and generally use metal powder or ceramic powder. It is mainly used for making all kinds of industrial components. As for the consumeric type of 3D Printer, FDM and SLA are the 2 major forming ways. As for the Industrial type of 3D Printer, SLS is more popular.  But when you choose the 3D Printer, no matter the types, what technical performance you mostly care about ?  I think there are 5 major technical parameters as below:  

(1) Printing Precision ------ It is the most important for 3D Printer. Without that the 3D Printing makes no sense. Larger size the Printer is, more difficult to control the precision. Especially for the industrial 3D Printer, the printing precision is the first thing we need to concern about. Once the component dimension is not correct, all the effort failed.

(2) Printing Speed ------ Compare to other industrial manufacturing methods, 3D Printing takes more time. The faster the printing is, lower the making cost is. But there is always a contradiction between the printing speed and printing precision. How to control the both and making the balance are very essential.

(3) Materials Sorts ------  A good 3D Printer has a wide range of materials sorts.  Just like the SLS type of 3D Printer, it can use the soft plastic materials as well as the Metal and ceramics. But the SLA type and FDM type only can use ABS, PLA or other plastic materials. 

(4) Color Sorts ------ Many ordinary 3D Printers can only use 1 or 2 kinds of colors. Only the high-end 3D Printer can ensure the multiple colors printing. This is a very important function. It allows the toy manufacturers to make out the colorful toys very easy. 

(5) Resolution Ratio ------ Higher the Resolution Ratio is, More vivid the product become. At present the best 3D Printer can acheive the resolution ratio for 2400*600dpi. 

So let us choose the most suitable 3D Printer. 

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