The basic knowledges of plastic injection mould
Today we are talking about some common knowledges of plastic injection mould. www.2fprototypes.com 

(1) The System Consistence of Plastic Injection Mould ------ There are 7 main systems consist of the whole plastic injection mould. 1.Injection System ; 2.Guiding System ; 3.Forming System ; 4.Cooling System ; 5.Air Exhausting System ; 6.Side Parting and Core Pulling System ; 7.Ejection System;  

(2) Plastic Injection Process ------ 1.Melt plastic materials in machine ---> 2.Clamping Mould ---> 3.Injection nozzle insert into the gate of mould ---> 4.Screws push the hot melted materials to inject into the mould chamber ---> 5.Hot materials flow through the runners and fill the chambers ---> 6.Pressure Holding and Product Cooling ---> 7.Open Mould ---> 8.Eject finished products. 

Most of plastic products we see in our daily life can be manufactured by plastic injection mould. It is a very useful tooling in the industrial manufacturing field. 

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