The complete guide - How to choose the satisfied CNC material?
As we know, CNC machining can produce kinds of metal and plastic parts with a wide range of available materials. However, it is difficult to decide the best material for your project. Based on 2fprototypes' CNC material list, we conclude the basic material property in the following table. For some common materials, we have attached our product cases for your reference.  We believe you will benefit for your next project.
Material Color Machinability Features Application
Alumi   num 6061/6082/6063/7075... /
High Strength-to-weight Ratio / Ductility / Electrical Conductivity
Natural Corrosion Resistance
One of the most common metal materials in almost every industry.
Stainless Steel / High C  orrosion Resistance / Wear Resistance / Temperature Resistance / Strength One of the most common metal materials in almost every industry.
Brass Gold High Electrical Conductivity / Tensile Strength / Corrosion Resistant
Low Friction
Automotive (Mechanical Parts, Valves, Nozzles)
Electrical Hardware
Decorative Hardware
Consumer Products
Copper Reddish Brown High Electric Conductivity / Corrosion Resistance
Low Chemical Resistance
Lack in Strength
Consumer Electronics/Housings
Automotive (Cooling System, Valve, Radiator, Etc.)
Mild Steel / High stiffness
Low cost
Machinery Parts
General Fabrication
ABS Black, Ivory, Transparent  High Impact Strength
Low Heat Resistance
Flame Retardant
One of the most common plastic materials in almost every industry.
PMMA/Acrylic Black, Transparent, White High Transmittance / Weather Resistance / Cold Tolerance / Abrasion Resistance
Signal Lamp
Instrument Panel
Medical Container
Consumer Products
PC/Polycarbonate Black, White High Toughness / Impact Strength
Can be colored and be transparent after FUME
Wide range of application like automotive glazing
POM/Acetal Black, White High Fatigue Strength / Wear Resistance / Electrical Insulation / Self-lubrication
Low Acid Resistance / Adhesiveness / Weather Resistance / Moisture Absorption
Mechanical Parts
Electronic Enclosures
Bushings & Fittings
Medical Apparatus
HDPE Black, White High Chemical Resistance / Electrical Insulation / Impact Strength
Low moisture absorption
Common Mechanical Parts
Pipes & Fittings
Anti-corrosion Parts
Consumer Products
PP/Polypropylene Black, White High Heat Resistance / Flexible Life
Household Appliance
Automotive Parts
Food Container
PPS Beige The machinability for pure PPS is low, especially for the impact strength. Fiberglass will be filled to improve the machinability
High Electrical Insulation / Heat Resistance
Hard and Brittle
Automotive Part Under the Hood
Consumer Products
Parts of Industrial Equipment
Nylon/PA/PA6 Black, White High Impact Strength / Chemical Resistance / Abrasion Resistance / Moisture Absorption Electronics
Automotive Parts
PEEK White  High Dimensional Stability / Impact Strength / Chemical Resistance / Heat Resistance Medical 
Industrial equipment like test socket, switch, connector
PVC Black, White High Toughness / Weather Resistance / Geometric Stability Pipes
Medical Equipment
Consumer Products
TEFLON  Silver White High Heat Resistance / Chemical Resistance Electrical Components
Food Processing
High-Temperature Applications
Chemical Processing
Brass Parts-2fprototypesAluminum 7075 Part-2fprototypesAluminum 6061 Part-2fprototypesStainless Steel Part-2fprototypes
HDPE Parts-2fprototypesPMMA Part-2fprototypesABS Parts-2fprototypesTEFLON Parts-2fprototypesPOM Part-2fprototypes

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Although we have listed the common materials and their properties, there are many others to fit any applications. Please  contact us if you need more detailed information. Our service team is happy to provide you with a professional solution according to your drawings.
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