Which Type Of Components Are Economical To Be Machined On CNC Machine?

CNC machining is a general subtractive manufacturing way. To begin with a block of material, machining cuts materials according to the programming. The accurate process can achieve precision and is compatible with a wide range of plastic and metal materials.
Such compatibility makes CNC machining can create most of the common parts. Which type of part is economical to be CNC machining? We sum up parts as per different classification.
Material: metal, plastic, wood, modeling foam, carbon fiber, ceramics.
Part feature: complex part, high precise part, single or low-volume part, quick delivery part, high surface finish part, integrate and reliable part, large size part, repeated precise part.
Industry: aerospace, transportation, oil and gas, defense, electronics, marine, commercial, medical, optical.

CNC machining is a magic manufacturing way in the modern engineering industry. We believe there are more materials, industries, and parts that can be an excellent economical match with CNC machining. Now let’s feel the completed charm about CNC.


Economical CNC parts according to materials

The compatibility allows CNC machining to cut a variety of materials. Thats the superiority that injection molding and 3D printing cant obtain. Even though 3D printing is heading stronger construction and more materials, CNC machining is the optimal choice for parts that need special performance. Particularly, the wide range of materials is right for material verification of product testing.


Aluminum, stainless steel, brass are the common metals during manufacturing. There are alloys with a different compositions according to the specific needed properties. The typical cutting tool and cutting speed of CNC machining make it become an economical choice for metal machining.

Wide range of plastics

Engineering plastics or polymers are popular because of their high strength, toughness, low cost, and other superior features. CNC machining is subtractive manufacturing that can keep the interior construction to be unity.

Modeling foam

Large stage foam, dimensional signs, museum exhibits, set & scenic fabrication.


Carving, musical instrument parts, furniture.

Carbon fiber


Economical CNC parts according to industries

CNC machining provides a large number of complicated parts for hundreds of industries by its precise computer programming and cutting. Though many parts can be volume produced by molds, there are more complicated parts that need to be custom produced.

Aerospace industry

High speeds, fast air currents, and extreme pressure are the necessary considerations for aerospace equipment design. Engineers must construct parts precisely to avoid potential risks as much as possible. Precision makes CNC machining to be a relying manufacturing way. The aerospace industry needs extra-durable materials, including titanium, aluminum, nickel, alloys, and more. The hard and tough cutting tools of CNC machining provide the ideal solution. They can create everything from simple to complex parts, including:

Airfoils Antennae Landing gear parts
Bearings Manifolds Electrical connectors
Wall panels Bushings Radiofrequency suppression materials 
Ventilation ducts    

The requirements of high precision, special material, and repeatability make CNC machining to be an economic and obvious choice.

Transportation industry

Transportation needs to build long-lasting parts and equipment to carry cargo across the country. Parts from each auto need CNC machining, including shipping vessels, freight trains, and passenger vehicles, etc. Before entering the market, autos should pass a series of standardized tests. CNC machining is able to speed up the process and meet the needs of necessary tests.
In addition, the restoration of classic cars needs CNC turning. Many spare parts have halted production. Experienced machinists can reproduce the parts even without original drawing. Without these efforts from CNC machinists, many valuable classic carts won’t be safe now.
Therefore, these auto parts have lower cost by CNC machining, including:


Engine Suspension components Exhaust part
Cylinder Timing cover Carburettor housing
lighting Titanium valve keeper Fluid system components
Bushing Aluminum wheel Shaft
Dowel pin Valve retainer Transmission case
Sleeves Fitting Brake system components


Oil and gas industry

Parts used in pipelines, equipment of refineries, and rigs can be more efficient. Such equipment usually locates in isolated areas. Once the parts fail to work, it will take days for waiting to repair or change. Only parts made by CNC machining, can they be assembled precisely. The part includes but not limited to:

Pins Fixtures Cylinders
Rods Valves Drill bits
Jigs Pistons  


Defense industry

For security consideration, the specific products and programming of military equipment must be kept confidential. Reliable CNC manufacturers should deliver strict precise parts to the defense industry. Of necessity, the CNC equipment will be upgraded regularly. These precise parts might come from:
Plane parts
Communications components
Transportation components

Electronics industry

With the development of lightweight and compact electronic devices, devices have become smaller and more powerful. The manufacturing of electronics relies on CNC small scale and micro-machining stronger than ever before. Turning over the task of controlling and cutting to a computer and machine can keep extreme strict tolerance, which is the level that humans would be incapable of achieving.

Heat sinks Semiconductor parts Amplifier housings
Device housings Electrical insulation Radio frequency interference shielding


Marine industry

Ocean station vessels are usually exposed to the environment of moisture and corrosion. To extend the service life, the equipment and parts require waterproof, anti-corrosion, and wear-assistance materials. CNC machining is a perfect match with kinds of special materials. The parts include:

Propellers Electronic parts Prototype molds
Boat parts Insulating cases Engine components



The iteration of commercial products is fast. Flexible CNC machining allows to making parts in any shape, any materials, and any size. For new product development, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, and graphics can perform inspection and verification before volume production. For marketed products, CNC machining can shorten the modification time.

Medical industry

CNC machining solution is usually used in medical instruments, orthotic devices, and surgical implants. CNC machining can down to knurled and mirror finish and provide completed final product. For special medical situations, CNC equipment can record data to track and generate the report for FDA process approval

Optical industry

CNC machining is valuable to the optical industry. Take glass spectacle lenses for example, only CNC controlled water jets intricate features such as precise grooves and angled bevel. It is difficult to produce such features by other manufacturing methods.


Economical CNC parts according to part features


Complex parts

CNC machining provides more possibility of complex design. It’s better to choose CNC machining if your parts require complex construction and a detailed appearance.

High precise parts

The precision of CNC parts includes dimensional precision, positional precision, and shape precision. CNC machines won’t make mistakes easily. Consistent correct move path from programming make the cutting tools to cut right in place.

Single or low-volume parts

Quantity is also a highlight for CNC machining. One machine makes one part at a time. Without the need of high-cost mold, CNC machining is an economical choice for rapid prototyping and low volume production.

Quick delivery parts

CNC equipment can keep working for 7*24H with little-to-no human intervention. Parts can be made quickly and flawlessly as long as setting square footage and sufficient machines.

High surface finish parts

Manufacturing with tight tolerance can get a smooth surface finish without additional processing. Keep in mind that special or extreme surface finish request needs further finish service for better effect.

Integrate and reliable parts

CNC machining doesn’t heat materials or reform them. Machined parts maintain a stronger and reliable structure.

Large size parts

The large material block means the equal large size part.

Repeated precise parts

Machining is carried out automatically. Computer instruction can repeat and repeat to produce volume parts.
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