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2fprototypes CNC turning service is committed to rapid prototyping and a small batch of production. Our CNC turning service use brand-new CNC lathe to improve the efficiency for you.
We build a closed-loop of manufacturing service with our CNC turning service, other precision machining capabilities, and surface finishing. What we making for you promotes your project smoothly in the manufacturing process.



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Our CNC Turning Service Capabilities

cnc lathe

CNC Lathe

The feature of CNC turning is to create round profile. When combine with our other machining and finishing services, we can provide great parts to implement your project successfully. 


Metric units

Imperial units

Max Size

860 x 300mm

33.86 x 11.81in






We Know Exactly What We Should Do


⭐ Our multi-axis CNC machining centers offer you quality and high precision parts consistently.
⭐ We are located in Shenzhen, China. A city that is convenient for Hongkong and major shipping ports. Your part can be shipped to you fast.
⭐ Complete one-stop manufacturing service from the material to surface finishing.
⭐ We work in a well-lit, climate stabilization, and clean production area and are certified to ISO9001: 2015, and IATF16949: 2016.
⭐ The 13 experiences are enough for our operators and team to ensure your project implement.
⭐ Self-owned factories to save unnecessary costs. We try our best to meet your project budget.
⭐ We value every small and big project. Our English sales will follow up your project in the whole course.


Quality Assurance


We follow the ISO 2768 to control the tolerance
Testing report from our QC is included in every order
Strict NDA agreement is available according to customer request

quality assurance



What is CNC Turning


CNC turning is subtractive manufacture by computer. It can be used in any general rotational symmetry, such as rings, grooves, slots, radii, threads, etc. The workpiece is fastened in the adjustable spindle. When the workpiece starts to rotate, the pre-set cutting tools are applied to the workpiece to create shapes during the processing.


Why Choose CNC Turning


CNC turning has high reproducibility. It is similar to milling in that the cutting tools and motion path are controlled by programming. CNC turning provides an easy and fast entry for complex parts in round or symmetry shape.


Our Material List


We have a standard CNC material list cluding metal, plastic, and other special materials. In addition, we are available to search and buy your prefer material if your choice is not on the list.






Alumi   num 6061/6082/6063/7075...



High Strength-to-weight Ratio / Ductility / Electrical Conductivity
Natural Corrosion Resistance

Stainless Steel



High Corrosion Resistance / Wear Resistance / Temperature Resistance / Strength




High Electrical Conductivity / Tensile Strength / Corrosion Resistant
Low Friction


Reddish Brown


High Electric Conductivity / Corrosion Resistance
Low Chemical Resistance
Lack in Strength

Mild Steel



High stiffness
Low cost

ABS (flame retardant)

Black, Ivory, Transparent


High impact strength
Low heat resistance
Flame retardant


Black, Transparent, White

High transmittance / weather resistance / cold tolerance / abrasion resistance


Black, White


High toughness / impact strength
Can be colored and be transparent after FUME


Black, White


High fatigue strength / wear resistance / electrical insulation / self-lubrication
Low acid resistance / adhesiveness / weather resistance / moisture absorption


Black, White

High chemical resistance / electrical insulation / impact strength
Low moisture absorption


Black, White


High heat resistance / flexible life



The machinability for pure PPS is low, especially for the impact strength. Fiberglass will be filled to improve the machinability
High electrical insulation / heat resistance
Hard and brittle


Black, White

High impact strength / chemical resistance / abrasion resistance / moisture absorption


Black, White

High impact strength / chemical resistance / abrasion resistance / moisture absorption




High dimensional stability / impact strength / chemical resistance / heat resistance


Black, White


High toughness / weather resistance / geometric stability


Silver White


High heat resistance / chemical resistance

Carbon Fiber (CF)




Chemical Wood

Brick Red



Your Materials





Our Surface Finish List


We work with reliable and excellent suppliers if you have other demand. Just feel free to contact us.


⭐ Spray painting
⭐ Silk-screen
⭐ Transfer-printing
⭐ Electroplating
⭐ Laser etching
⭐ Anodizing
⭐ Scouring/brushing

⭐ High glaze
⭐ UV-finish
⭐ Embossing
⭐ Polishing
⭐ Cleaning
⭐ Bake finish
⭐ Fuming PC


Product Gallery

turning part-1

turning part-2

turning part-3

turning part-4

Material: Aluminum
Process: CNC Turning
Surface Finish: Burring

Material: Brass
Process: CNC Turning
Surface Finish: Burring

Material: Steel
Process: CNC Turning
Surface Finish: Assembly+nitriding

Material: Brass
Process: CNC Turning
Surface Finish: Vacuum plating

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