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We are capable to provide you with plastic injection molds for both rigid plastics and silicone. With our internal mold making equipment and superior suppliers, our molds are made by CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and stamping. Whatever you need rapid tooling for short-run production, or molds for mass production, 2fprototypes is your smart choice.





Why Choose Our Mold Making Service


DFM (Designed for manufacturing) report

Failure is expensive. We provide a feasibility review when providing the quote and DFM after order confirmation. Any possible issues are included in the DFM report. We concern about what you are concerned about.

One-stop mold-making services avoid project splitting

We offer wide options of mold materials and the following injection molding. One-stop means faster accomplishment.

Without MOQ

To make our mold-making services affordable at any scale, er never require a min. quantity and dollar value.


Cost advantage

In our experience, Local companies is more expensive than China companies. China has more cost-effective choices of labor and materials. We could lower your project cost by our intensive resources.

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Our Mold Options

plastic injection mold

Sheet metal mold

liquid silicon mold

Plastic injection mold
Plastic injection molds usually are made of aluminum or steel. They are used to make parts from glass-filled nylon, acrylic, silicone, etc. The application of plastic injection molds include almost all industries from complicated automotive safety components to simple pen shell.

Sheet metal mold
Our experience making sheet metal prototypes allows us to create sheet metal molds for stamping and bending.

Liquid silicone mold
Liquid silicone mold is especially for small batch of plastic parts. Custom silicone mold can last between 30 and 50 shots. The silicone mold from vacuum casting has shorter production time, which means the high efficiency for volume production.



Our Capabilities


CNC tooling machine

Precision: ±0.003mm/0.000118in                                                2fprototypes has domestic and imported CNC machines for mold making. Some of the machines are imported from Swizerland and Japan

CNC tooling machine

EDM machine

EDM machine

EDM (electrical discharge machining) uses electrical discharges to machine features on molds. Our EDM machine can achieve the mirror surface on mold in ±0.005mm/0.0001969in

Injection molding service

We are available and have nearly 30 injection molding machines if customers need the following services.  

injection molding machine

mold storage

Clean and qualified mold environment

We will ship the mold to you after manufacturing. If you have other requirements, we can store your mold in our factories and provide the one-stop injection molding service. All our molds are stored well in our warehouse.


They Are Loving Our Services


Thank you very much for your help

Your service and quick turn around time has been helpful.

I look forward to working with you more in future.

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Mold Making Process

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Confirmation of 2D and 3D files from customers

Communication of details between customers and 2fprototypes

Mold design ( tooling concept and DFM analysis)

Mold made by CNC machining

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Mold trial

Complete inspection

Package and shipping






Our Mold Gallery

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mold img

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mold img

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How long does a mold last?
Depending on the mold shape and material, mold can be used for shots from thousands to millions.

How does a silicone mold to produce part?
Silicone mold is usually used for vacuum casting. The silicone mold will be poured into liquid plastic and then cured in the oven. If you would like more information about vacuum casting, click here to learn more.

How does the plastic injection molding process?
We are available in plastic injection service if you require. The service details are in here.

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