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Injection molding is one of the manufacturing ways of volume production. It includes plastic injection molding and metal injection molding. 2fprototypes provides both injection molding services and mold making to cover your project. 

Injection Molding Services

MIM plastic injection molding mold making

Metal Injection Molding

MIM(metal injection molding) uses metal powder and binder to be injected into the mold. MIM is an innovative technology that achieve the combination of small metal part and large-scale production. It is suitable for custom, small, complex metal parts. 

Plastic Injection Molding

It is designed especially for the mass production of plastic parts by repeatedly using the same mold. You will find the consistency of color, size, structure, shape on the injection molded parts. Depending on your volume request and mold, hundreds of thousands of custom parts can be produced.

Mold Making

Mold is the necessary procedure during the injection molding. We can provide you with the one-stop mold services from types of metal materials. More than that, stamping die and liquid silicone mold are also included in our mold services.

Why Work with 2fprototypes?





Meet your material needs

Common materials: Common materials ensure quick possible delivery, including Aluminum, steel, brass, ABS, PMMA, PP, PC, etc.

Special materials: Source as per your requirements

Customer supplied materials: You can send your unique or preferred material to us to produce parts

Rapid prototype to large-scale production

Without MOQ, we provide various manufacturing ways for you. Rapid tooling/simple mold/silicone mold is available if you prefer a small batch of plastic/metal parts

Self-owned factories

Factories of our own can remove many obstacles of communication, cost control, and troubleshooting. 2fprototypes is an integrated OEM company that covers the main OEM manufacturing ways.





Precise CNC machines and EDM equipment

Tooling/mold services are complicated and precise. We have a complete workflow to guarantee your mold to be delivered to you timely.

Surface finishing services

Depending on your requirement, we are capable to provide you with surface finishing such as polishing, painting, burring, etc. with our manual department. Additionally, we work great and reliably with our suppliers for more finishing services.


We have the necessary certifications for your projects from quality to information security.
ISO 9001: Quality system
IATF 16949: Supplementary certification for automotive industries
ISO/ISC 27001: Information security system

Our Injection Molding Capabilities


Injection Molding

We have injection molding machines from 80T to 470T that can produce common size injection molded parts. The tonnage calculation/clamping force is one of the key factors for quality and cost. It keeps the tooling closed during the injection process. The higher tonnage, the higher weight of tooling it can keep.

Injection molding machine

Tooling machine

CNC Tooling

We have domestic and imported tooling from Switzerland and Japan.
Precision: ±0.003mm
RPM: 2,400-20,000

Superior Parts from Us

mold-1 mold-2 mold-3
plastic injection part plastic injection part plastic injection part
MIM part MIM part MIM part

Injection Molding Application

Injection molded parts are not exclusive to any specific industry or purpose. It is an effective solution for volume production. Parts are mostly used in the following industries.

Injection Molding Video

How the molded part is produced?

The whole process to produce a part is short. For large parts as shown in the video, there are additional mechanical devices to help pour the plastic pellets and take the molded part out to the transport tape. The first quality inspection will be performed at the end of the transport tape.


Every sheet metal part is packed well with wooden case or carton. According to customer requirement, we can coordinate special packing method. Just contact us, we can work with the solution together.

packing Packing img

The Important Certificate We Have

We have pass certifications of ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO/IEC 27001 to guarantee your parts quality and information security.




ISO 9001: 2015

IATF 16949: 2016

ISO/IEC 27001: 2013

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It standardizes the requirements of those practices, ISO 9001 makes the company consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements of products and services. Your injection molded parts are made under our strict ISO system.

IATF 16949, a common automotive quality system requirement based on ISO 9001, contains supplemental requirements specific to the automotive industry. Injection molded parts are used widely in automotive. There are more details and strict to conform to your automotive design under our IATF certification.

ISO/IEC 27001 is a security standard that outlines the suggested requirements for building, monitoring and improving an information security management system. The focus of ISO 27001 is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information in a company. Your information of products and files would be secured in 2fprototypes.

ISO 9001 IATF 16949 ISO/IEC 27001

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