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Sheet metal stamping is a complicated manufacturing process that turns the sheet metal flat into specific shapes. It can produce a large number of parts and is used in many applications such as automotive parts, home appliances, precise mechanical parts, etc. Sheet metal stamping is one of the key technologies in the manufacturing industry. Recognize and understand sheet metal stamping helps find the right manufacturing process for your project faster. Contact us if you have concerns or questions about sheet metal stamping. We'd love to help you.

Stamping part Stamping part Stamping part

Our Sheet Metal Stamping Capabilities

Every press of the stamping machine goes through elastic deformation as the material has resistance to being deformed. The stamping must conquer the resistance and other forces. The maximum tonnage that a press can withstand without compromising any of its components is called press tonnage capacity. Our equipment cover ranges from 25 ton to 120 ton of presses. The diversity of metal stamping equipment can meet lots of needs in size, materials, thickness, etc.

Why Choose Sheet Metal Stamping


Low cost die

Though the sheet metal stamping needs additional die cost, the cost is lower than died of other processes.

Precision and auto stamping machines

Sheet metal stamping can be higher accurate and effective. Stamping machines work according to computer programming. The edge of the finished part is more clear compare to CNC machining.

Environmentally friendly technology

Parts from cold forming technology can be processed as required without cooling. The material is recyclable that any scrap left over after forming can recycle for future products.

Sheet Metal Material


Metal material of stamping requires enough strength to support the finished products while remaining flexible for fluent geometry shape. Depending on the desired property of the finished parts, the metal used in stamping is usually in hardness grade from soft to medium. The common stamping metal type includes:


Ferrous metal

Iron-based alloy such as stainless steel. Ferrous metal is in low carbon content that they are the least expensive choice among stamping metals.

Precious metal

Gold, silver, platinum, etc.

Non-ferrous metal

Metals that do not contain iron such as bronze, brass, zinc, etc.

Non-standard alloy

Beryllium nickel, beryllium copper, etc.

2fprototypes work with a wide range of sheet metal stamping materials. Contact us if your preferred material is not on the below list.
Stainless steel
Cold-rolled steel
Hot-rolled steel
Other metal alloys

Packing & Delivery

Every sheet metal part is packed well with wooden case or carton. According to customer requirement, we can coordinate special packing method. Just contact us, we can work with the solution together.

Packing-delivery-1 Packing-delivery-3 Packing-delivery-2 Packing-delivery-4

ISO Certified

We have pass certifications of ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO/IEC 27001 to guarantee your parts quality and information security.

ISO 9001: 2015

IATF 16949: 2016

ISO/IEC 27001: 2013

The internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). 

ISO 9001

A common automotive quality system requirement based on ISO 9001. It requires specifically to the automotive industry. 

IATF 16949

Security standard that outlines the suggested requirements for building, monitoring and improving an information security management system. ISO/IEC 27001

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What is Sheet Metal Stamping?  

Sheet metal for the part to be made, stamping die, and stamping press are the three essentials for sheet metal stamping. The die means that stamping replicate parts in high volume. The most of sheet metal stamping we are talking about is cold forming. The stamping die is turned into your desired shape by pressing. It is economical and eco-friendly that the whole process does not need any heating to be introduced into the die or sheet metal material intentionally. Thus the die has no heat distortion on the surface.

Types of Sheet Metal Stamping

Stamping illustration Stamping illustration Stamping illustration


Forming is the process that transforms the flat metal into another geometry while force is applied to the flat metal.


Blanking is a shearing and cutting process where the stamping die removes the workpiece (blank) from the larger metal sheet for further processing. The workpiece from blacking produces few burrs that help reduce precision cost and lead time.


Drawing fixes the edge of the metal sheet and draws the metal sheet into the cavity carefully to desired thickness and shape. The process produces a very smooth and flowing sheet. Drawing is used to create aircraft parts, electronic parts, and fluid automotive parts such as car bodies.

Stamping illustration Stamping illustration Stamping illustration


Piercing is almost the opposite of blanking. It creates holes, slots, and notches in the sheet metal by tool and stamping die. Piercing controls tight tolerance. The edge of the hole from the piercing is more clear than drilling.


When the finished metal part needs designs on it, the black against the die includes a specific message or image. The surface of black produces a raised or recessed design.


Coining creates the message or image on the single side of the metal sheet. The side of the metal sheet won't raise/recessed design and the other side recessed/raise.

The outcome of stamping shows customers' desire and processing ability of stamping company. To achieve your goals, having experienced personnel and correct hardware is significant. An excellent stamping company knows when to choose stamping and how to use the technology. We know and can provide you with a one-stop production process.

2fprototypes have ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and IEC27001 certifications. We take regular reviews of our services to keep the certifications. You can trust us with your project. Contact us now by email or following form.

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