What you should consider for your CNC project from CNC machine list

There are types of CNC projects from different customers. 2fprototypes provides different CNC machines to meet our customers' needs. Understanding suppliers' CNC capabilities are one of the most important issues for users. We will help you analyze the four main aspects, including the quantity of axis, work radius, spindle speed, and positioning tolerance. You can learn more about your suppliers when they show you their CNC capabilities next time. We will take one of our CNC machines - TAKUMI UC600 for example in the following.

CNC machining-1 CNC UC600 CNC machining-2


The quantity of axis

The more axis, the more machining sides can be machined during continuous processing. 3-axis is the basic in the CNC machine, which includes 3 machining surfaces of X, Y and Z. 5-axis with 2 additional rotating axes can process the workpiece on more sides. Complex or curved workpieces can be machined fast and continuously in 5-axis CNC machining. If you want to learn more about 3/4/5-axis CNC machining, click here to know.

Work radius

It is the machining size. The machining size should be larger than the maximum area of the workpiece. Our working table in diameter is ø500 / ø650.

Spindle speed

The feed rate of the CNC machines. It determines the rate at which you can cut materials during the actual processing. The spindle speed from our 5-axis CNC capabilities is 24,000.

Positioning accuracy

Every movement of the cutting tool is controlled by computer instructions. The deviation between the numerical system and actual movement is positioning tolerance. The precision of our capabilities is ±0.01mm

If you would like to learn more about our CNC capabilities or need a free CNC quote, welcome to contact us.

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