Quick Knowledge To Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a polymer that is strong and lightweight. It is an ideal material for lots of components. However, it is poor in heat conduction. Machining carbon fiber is easy to cause local material damage. Thanks to our over 10-year experience in the field of CNC machining. We are able to provide detailed CNC carbon fiber parts to you.


Carbon fiber is a composite material. The pure carbon fiber is of high strength but brittle. It needs to be suspended in glue before forming. It is sophisticated processing that only a few companies have the ability to make it. Carbon fiber comes in various forms, including sheet fiber, thread fiber, etc. 


Almost 2 times lighter than aluminum when comparing similar-sized pieces

High strength

Ultimate tensile strength of 4000 MPa

Corrosion resistance

The glue of epoxy resin is inert and not susceptible to corrosion or rust


Thermal conductivity of 100 W/mK

Radiofrequency shielding

Carbon fiber attenuates or blocks radiofrequency waves to protect your data


As an artificial composite material for the application, carbon fiber has the excellent property of strength-to-weight. It is usually used in light construction. Carbon fiber is the common material for vehicle, aerospace, models, etc because of resistance of high impact.

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