What is CNC HSM (high speed machining)?

High speed machining is a low-pressure cutting that cuts the materials fast but lightly. It can improve material removal rates and produce more precise workpieces. CNC machining includes kinds of specifications of machines and tools. That's why you can't find a specific and accepted definition. The technology specifications include high cutting speed, high feed rate, high spindle speed, high removal rate. Tools include tool balance, tool selection, and material understanding.

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Fast and efficiency

Speed is the first feature of high speed machining. Its speed is 5-10 times faster than traditional machining, which saves about 30% of the machining time. HSM's strict requirement for CNC equipment is an outstanding achievement of modern industrial equipment development.

Extend equipment and tool longevity

Due to the fast machining, the material is removed quickly so that little heat can be transferred. It reduces the tools and equipment consumption.


We usually use multi-axis CNC equipment to achieve HSM. The multi-axis CNC machine can perform very strict tolerance.


In the earlier days, HSM was used on specific applications such as mold and aerospace. But now we can see the trend in nearly every segment. The precision cutting is going the way of small radial engagement and high cutting depth. There are technologies that used into HSM to make better effect, including trochoidal machining, cornering, radial chip thinning, smart machining, etc.

2fprototypes is experienced in precision CNC machining. Contact us if you are looking for HSM CNC solution for your project.

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