The Difference Between Prototype And Product

The prototype is the important phase of the final product. The prototype may be familiar with the final product as the prototype is the part of the product, This article tells the difference between prototype and products to help you understand your step of product development. The difference includes quantity, goal, structure, production way, material, and procedure.


The prototype is considered as “dry run” product. The quantity is naturally lower than the final product. Depending on the company and design, the quantity of prototype range from 1 to 5. Lower quantity, higher cost.

Product quantity is variable in different stages of product development. New entrants to the market are under a small batch of production. Quantity range from 50 to 100. Product will come into a stage of mass production when product sales live up to expectations.



The goal of a prototype is diverse. Revise for a better user experience. Exhibition for more support. We have mentioned in detail the goal of the prototype in this article 7 Reasons why prototyping is important. The final product has only a goal. Sale, sale, and sale!


The prototype is a rudimentary representation of the final product. The prototype may include all or part of the function, appearance, finishing, or structure. A final product is the definition and fulfillment of function and appearance.

Production Way

Due to the low quantity of prototypes, CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting are the choices for it. The options of final products are wider. Mold is one of the popular production ways of mass production.


To save time and money, the material of the prototype is less expensive than the final product when there are no special requirements. According to the performance and product positioning, specific design and detailed material selection are performed to the final product.


The whole procedure of design and manufacturing may be processed in a specific department, while the decisions of the final product must be made among several departments.

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