How to tell the difference between metal sheet and metal plate?

Metal sheets and metal plates are hard to be differentiated under the same materials. To learn the difference between the metal sheet and metal plate, we are going to tell you from their thickness and applications.


The thickness is the biggest difference between metal sheets and plates. We all know that metal sheet is thicker than metal plates. But there is no unified standard to define the thickness for them. You could refer to the standards or specifications recognized by your reliable metal material suppliers. Now we take for example the ASTM A480/A480M ( Standard Specification for General Requirements for Flat-Rolled Stainless and Heat-Resisting Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip). The thickness of the plate is over 3/16 in / 5.00 mm, and the width is over 10 in / 250 mm; The thickness of the metal sheet is under 3/16 in / 5.00 mm, and the width is or under 24 in / 600 mm.


As for the difference in thickness, there is a huge difference between the metal sheets and metal plates. The metal plate is used in heavy machinery, vehicle collision tests, automotive parts, structural shape, aerospace, etc. which requires durability. According to different metal material properties, the metal sheet is used in product shells, constructions such as carport, roofing, siding, etc.

Metal processing manufacturer has an array of equipment to process the metal sheet and metal plate. In 2fprototypes, we provide custom sheet metal fabrication services of laser cutting, bending, and stamping. There is no strict standard for the thickness between sheet metal and metal plates. If there you have the needs of custom small batch of metal sheet parts, we are here to help. Contact us now for a fast and free quote.

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