Everything You Need To Konw About Rapid Prototype Of Silicone Rubber Keypads

The silicone rubber keypad is a protective mask that is attached to kinds of switches. The soft and elastomeric buttons make it easy to press and regain softly. The purpose of the silicone rubber keypad is to create a mask with a uniform tactile response and user-friendly experience. Silicone rubber keypad is used widely in consumer and industrial electronics. Understanding the structure and manufacturing of silicone rubber keypads is necessary. If you are looking for rapid prototyping of silicone rubber keypad, welcome to contact us. We’d like to help you.


When pushing the button, the conductive pill or conductive ink will have contact with the PCB board. The closure of the switch circuit occurs. Let's see how to assemble a complete silicone rubber keypad. Depending on your product design demand, add or cancel parts of elements.
Screen printing/laser etching: Help custom print your preferred graphics on the keypad
LED backlighting: Help light the function of each button
Printed circuit board: Combine with electronics completely
IP67 waterproof: Water is the enemy to electronics. A waterproof design helps to defend it.

Printed circuit board of silicone rubber keypad


Most silicone rubber keypads are made of compression molding. Compression molding requires mold and silicone rubber with suitable hardness.
1. Place the silicone rubber on the mold, then perform heating and compression to form
2. Screen printing to custom pattern
3. Put the keypads into the oven for curing


As mentioned before, silicone rubber keypads are widely used in consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive electronics. We can find silicone rubber keypads in almost every device.
Medical: thermometers, massage instruments, frontal temperature guns, etc.
Industrial: measuring instruments, control equipment, instruments, etc.
Consumer: remote controls, watch, digital products, etc.
Automotive: windows lifting buttons, audio systems, steering wheel buttons, etc.


Durability: silicone rubber material has good resistance to chemical, water, and extreme weather conditions.
Soft touching feedback: Silicone rubber is a material that can offer a natural tactile response. The keypad buttons can be pressed easily and regained immediately.
Backlighting flexibility: Lighting is a basic property of silicone rubber keypads. Users can see the buttons clearly even in poor light conditions. The silicone rubber is a light diffusion medium that supports LEDs and fiber optic lamps. The backlighting can be stronger under laser etching processing.

If you would like to more about mold making of silicone rubber keypads, please feel free to contact us.

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