How to ensure repeatability of product prototype?

Product development is a continuous and changeable test. The revise needs repeatable product prototypes to ensure consistency to obtain the correct results.

At the beginning of product development, engineers may need one or two prototypes to verify the idea. Even the initial prototypes are tested, they will be viewed as a comparison object for the next stage of product development.

The repeatability is not only for prototypes in the same batch but also in the same product development.

How to ensure repeatability?

To ensure prototype repeatability, take seriously on the material, machinability, verification standard, and manufacturing experience. Repeatability is based on the product target. It can be changed with development. 


Be sure your supplier saves or maintains enough resources when the material is rare. It is important to keep consistency when the material is irreplaceable.


The stable and high-tech equipment ensures the repeating processing. precision, moving path, smoothness, structure, etc. all the key features require a steady processing system.

Verification standard

It is reasonable to use a new standard to evaluate the revised part of the testing prototype, but it will be no more than that. In the long run, the dynamic verification standard is not good for result evaluation.

Manufacturing experience

The processing of a product prototype includes machinability and manual part. Don’t look down on the manual process. It requires experienced workers to ensure repeatability.

All in all, the repeatability of the product prototype is important to your project. Remember and check it seriously are to save more time and cost to a successful final product. A strong and experienced supplier can help you much. Want to learn more about rapid prototyping, contact 2fprototypes now.

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