Why Manufacturer Require 2D Drawings When Ordering Parts?

Digital files make manufacturing easier, but can’t replace a detailed drawing. The 2D drawing is key to communication, quotation, design understanding, error avoidance, convenience. This article looks at the basics of the importance of 2D drawings. We describe what is 2D drawing and why we need it. Let this article to help you reduce the most potential problems in your project.

What is 2D drawing?

2D drawing is a technical plan that delivers the detailed info of the part. The technical information includes but is not limited to structure, geometry, material, surface finishes, dimension, and tolerance. To better describe a complicated part, some of the engineers will provide a set of 2D drawings. Each drawing shows the part from a different angle.

Why We Need 2D Drawing?

Clear communication

Engineers will mark the key information of the design. Suppliers can have a clear and correct understanding so that they can not skip the prototype parameter.

Cost-effective quotation

Though 3D model drawing provides a more complete view of the design, further information in 2D drawing help to identify the key dimension or other potential problems.

Get the information fast

To generate a set of data from the 3D model drawing needs time to calculate and convert. The 2D drawing speed up the analysis of the design. Suppliers can respond fast to the quotation. Such fast quotations can be transferred to fast turn-around and delivery.

Reduce design error

The additional 2D drawing force the engineers to check the design from different views. In some cases, a disconnect assembly may occur between the 3D model and actual parts. At that time, the specific design remark from the 2D drawing is very helpful.

Easy and convenience

2D drawing is usually in PDF format that can be checked on kinds of devices or printed. It is convenient for carrying, reading, taking notes, or sharing in the most situations.

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