What Is Family Mold
Family mold can make a difference in injection molded parts in one mold. It is used in different components of a multi-part assembly, or multiple variations of a single components in a single shot.

What can benefit from family mold?

Lower tooling cost

Family mold produces injection molded parts in only one mold. The tooling and production cost reduces when the number of molds needed to be switched out.

Lessen resistance to ordering

Family mold cuts out the process when the product requires different injection molded parts for assembly. A simplified production process reduces consideration for order.

Speed up the molding cycles

Family mold integrates different cavities in a mold. Factory can achieve fast injection molding cycles. Also, Injection molded parts have the same shrinkage.

What can avoid from family mold?

Filling unbalance

The risk of molding defects is highly increased when the cavities of mold are unbalanced.

Increase scrap rate

If one molded part is scrapped out, the rest parts in other cavities are scrapped. It leads to an uneven total for the production run.

Raise design difficulty

Engineers need to pay attention to the varying resin flows, holding times, cooling times, and runner layouts.

What can consider from family mold?

Require the same material and color

Family mold is hard to switch material and color. You should not consider family mold if you require different material or color

Require the same part quantity

The quantity of injection mold parts multiply based on the cavities. Even if the parts are unnecessary to stick to a 1 to 1 ratio, you should consider the required quantity when using a family mold.

Require the same part size

Each cavity is filled at the same time. Parts vary widely will cause short shot or underfilled.
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