Advanced CNC Machines
Advanced Equipments
The more precise part requires more advanced machines. 2fprototypes own dozens of 3/4/5 axis CNC machines to cover your needs. Some of them are imported from Japan. Parts/prototypes of simple or complex shapes can find their machining way in 2fprototypes.
10+ Surface Finishes
10+ Surface Finishes
Depending on your different phase of prototyping verification, there are 10+ surface finishes to meet your demand:
As machined / nitriding / burring / polish / laser etching / plating / powder coating / painting / anodizing / fuming PC / others
Serve a wide range of industries
Serve across wide industries
By combining technical expertise and fully-equipped facilities, we can manufacture cost-effective, innovative, and quality parts for our customers from each industry: Automotive Part / Medical Device / Electronic Device / Household Product / Others



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Rapid Prototyping
CNC machining is one of the best and widely used way to verify your design. The short turnaround times allow engineers to test more models until the confirmation of design. The wide range of options of the materials can test the prototypes from function to appearance.


Mold Making
CNC machining is the main way to mold making manufacture. The mold core, mold cavity, mold base, etc. determine the mold to be an extremely complex part, which requires more complicated programming and tooling. Our experienced CNC team guarantees a successful and smooth mold to you.


End-use products
Machined parts exists in our life. Components in household appliances, electronic devices, etc. Machined molds relieve the stress of mass production of plastic parts by injection molding. There are many plastics and metal parts made with CNC machining only.



As there is a wide option for CNC material, It is necessary to know which material is suitable for your part. If you can't find your preferred material, please no hesitate to contact us, our experienced engineering team is here to help.
Plastic Color Metal Color Others Color
ABS (flame retardant) Black, Ivory, Transparent  Alumi   num 6061/6082/6063/7075... / Chemical Wood Brick Red
PMMA/Acrylic Black, Transparent, White Stainless Steel / Carbon Fiber (CF) /
PC/Polycarbonate Black, White Brass Yellow Your Materials Customization
POM/Acetal Black, White Copper Reddish Brown    
HDPE Black, White Mild Steel /    
PP/Polypropylene Black, White        
PPS Beige        
Nylon/PA/PA6 Black, White        
PA+30%GF (domestic/imported) Black, White        
PEEK White         
PVC Black, White        
TEFLON  Silver White        



What is CNC Machining?
CNC(Computer Numerical Control) is a kind of subtractive manufacturing. Based on the drawing, CNC uses different tools to cut the raw material by programming.  
What can my part benefit from CNC?
Compared to other manufacturing ways, CNC machining is a versatile way for materials, dimension, low-high volume production. It specifically guarantees stability, precision, and tight tolerance.
How to decide 3/4/5 axis CNC Machining for my part?
The “axis” means the available sides can be machined. 5-axis indicates that the cutting tools work along XYZ+AB sides. The complex part requires higher “axis” machining. Our engineers will advise the suitable machining way for you according to your budget, material, and finishes.

How to order my CNC part?
To get the quote. Please send your drawings and tell us your specific requirements to info@2fprototypes.com. Our engineering team will reply to you within 1 working day. All the files are secure and confidential. Meanwhile, we offer optional NDA before sending the drawings.
Now contact us to make your part!